JSDA High Quality JD700 30000RPM Electric Nail Drill

JSDA High Quality JD700 30000RPM Electric Nail Drill - Item Number: JD700

Price from : $49.95
Item Number : JD700
Weight : 5.00 LBS
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  • Product Description

    JSDA High Quality JD700 30000RPM Electric Nail Drill

    1. Chang the speed constantly and discretionarily ranging from 0 to 30000 per minute.

    2. Touch panel,touch light,dust-proof effect.

    3. Forward reverse selection switching delay of 2 seconds protects the motor effectively.

    4. Automatic overload protection of the microcomputer can protect safety of both the operator and the machine.

    5. Hand, foot variable speed control systems are chosen. Both hand and foot can raise working efficiency.

    6. High precision concentricity rotation clamping system configured Japan dedicated

    high -speed bearings makes the state with low heat, low noise and low vibration.

    7. Phone hook position of user-friendly design with the left and right selection

    makes left and right hand easy to operate.

    8. The coaxality is 0.02MM.

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